Being in the rehabilitation space and seeing many athletes with different types of injuries over the years, we tend to see a lot of back pain or spinal issues as a result of sports injuries or even accidents.

Sometimes there are issues with the cervical discs that run along the spine.  Sometimes there are issues with the cervical discs that run along the spine.. These cervical discs are like shock absorbers in your car.  They sit between your cervical vertebrae and  allow your neck to move in multiple directions freely.

If there has been any damage to your discs due to injury or deterioration, it might become necessary to surgically install an artificial cervical disc between two of your cervical vertebrae which will ultimately allow you to maintain range of motion.   Most often, medical professionals will recommend nonsurgical treatment like physical therapy before actually doing a surgical procedure.

If this describes you and you live in Northern New Jersey, please consider Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation.  We are a local Paramus physical therapy center that has been providing care and rehabilitation services to the local area for over 13 years.

So what happens when one of your cervical discs stops working properly, one of your vertebrae will actually slip into the one that sits below it.   This actually causes additional compression and possible pain around your spinal cord.

It might be a good consideration to have an artificial cervical disc installed to help maintain proper neck range of motion, ensure there is less chance for degeneration of other vertebrae, and reduce any need to have a bone graft procedure completed.   This procedure actually helps to improve your recovery time and restore your neck motion significantly faster than other methods utilized.

If you go this direction, you should know that any post surgical physical therapy sessions that are recommended by your doctor will typically last around six weeks.   You will be doing stretching exercises that will help to condition your body strengthening your muscles and stretch out any areas that might have atrophied.

Resistance training is also a fundamental part to a good physical therapy session and you will experience lifting movements, exercise on a bicycle, using a stairmaster, weight machines or others but know that you will avoid doing any sit-ups until medically cleared.

At the end of the day, your physician will determine if you are a good candidate to have an artificial cervical disc installed.  If so and you require any physical therapy rehabilitation, please consider giving us a call and schedule your free assessment when the time is right.