While summer certainly has its perks, I often see patients during the warmer months with injuries related to what I like to call “Summer Back.” Common causes include: longer than usual drives, sleeping in a hotel or rental bed that isn’t yours, lifting heavy things like suitcases and beach equipment, or bending and twisting to get that beach umbrella securely in the sand.

Here are some simple things you can do this summer to avoid “Summer Back”:

1. Use a lumbar roll when driving long distances (See Tom’s recent Facebook video for tips on how to use one properly.)
2. When driving long distances, make frequent stops at rest areas, walk around and stretch out.
3. When sleeping overnight, bring your own pillows.
4. When bending down to lift heavy items, bend at the knees.
5. Don’t wear flip-flops! Instead, wear a shoe that offers your feet more support.

Is there anything special you do during the summer months to avoid “Summer Back”? Tell us in the comments.


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