FatguySmallShort answer is  probably not.  I just read a recent journal article that looked at this question in the The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research for Sept 2011.

Major Points:

  • Focal Fat loss with strengthening around a certain body part or area shows limited evidence (ie back of arm= triceps exercise or stomach=crunches) “Doing bicep curls doesn’t selectively remove fat from the arms”
  • Past research showing loss in focal fat loss relied on skinfold measurements that are highly variable.  Current study used advanced technique called Dual-energy xray absorptiometry (DXA) for measuring body fat.
  • Most effective way of achieving  fat loss is a combination of cardiovascular and weight training best chance for subcutaneous and visceral fat loss in body and at the trunk.
  • Interesting point that you can have changes in your waistline without change in weight after an abdominal exercise program

There is no silver bullet for fat loss!