A recent study found that about 25% of the U.S. population has flat feet, and almost 43 million Americans suffer from foot problems. Flat feet, a condition in which the foot does not have a normal arch when standing, can present challenges for a running program, but having flat feet does not mean that such vigorous activities are out of reach. Although flat arches may create pressure with some foot movements, you need not stop running.

Flat arches can lead to biomechanical irregularities in stride. Individuals with flat feet may find their foot rolling inward (pronation) when they jog or run. This can result in pain in the heel, calf, knees, shin, back and hamstrings. Running on uneven surfaces, such as golf courses and trails, preventative approach because an injury can mean no running for weeks or months.

We can design a program to help with your flat arches and make sure your shoes give you a good run for your money.  Any other concerns you might have—such as posture problems or ongoing complications from an old injury—can also be addressed. With the right form and guidance, your feet and body can give you the best run possible.