Golf is one of America’s all-time favorite sports, but it also can cause injury to the lower back and spine. Before you head out to the golf course, it’s important to note these key areas of prevention:

1. WARM-UP BEFORE PLAYING – Before you start golfing, start off with a thorough warm-up. Try some stretches and easy swings to get your muscles ready for the game. Try holding a golf club behind your neck and shoulders and then rotate your torso. This will give your shoulders and torso a good stretch. Stretch your hips by pulling your knees, one at a time, into your chest. Bend over and touch your toes to stretch out your hamstrings.

2. CARRY THE (CORRECT) GOLF BAG SAFELY – Bending down repeatedly to pick up your golf bag can cause muscle strain and put stress on your lower back. Invest in a golf bag stand that opens when the bag is set on the ground so you can eliminate the need to bend over. If you like to carry your own golf bag, use one with dual straps to evenly divide the weight across the back.

3. CHECK YOUR SWING AND STANCE – Golfers should emphasize a smooth, rhythmic swing in order to produce less stress and less low back pain. With a proper swing, the shoulder, hip, chest and lower spine rotate to share the load of the swing. Proper balance is achieved by slightly bending the knees and keeping your feed approximately shoulder-width apart. Your spine should be straight and you should bend forward from the hips. Weight should be distributed evenly on the balls of the feet. Check with a golf pro or sign up for lessons if you need assistance.


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