Cold winds are starting to blow, and temperatures are plummeting. If you are not a lover of brisk weather, think about taking your fitness routine indoors. And if you do not have a regular exercise program, now is the time to let us help you get started on fitness activities you can perform inside where it is warm.

Research has shown that humans have a natural tendency, like bears, to hibernate in the winter. As the temperatures fall, most of us eat more, sleep more and move less. While this might have helped our cave-dwelling ancestors survive the winter, it now means that we gain weight and lose muscle tone. An indoor exercise program can help fight that urge to lie dormant.

If you already exercise regularly, moving your fitness routine inside by going to the gym or joining a walking club at the mall may not be much of a problem. However, if most of your warm weather exercise comes from playing summer sports, working outside or swimming in a backyard pool, you may be tempted to make like a bear and hunker down for the winter. But summer will roll around again, and you will want to be prepared to enjoy it.

Fitness routines that emphasize strength, flexibility and even cardiovascular health can be built around activities that may be carried out safely in your home with little to no cost and minimal equipment. We have developed specific exercises you can perform to manage and maintain your indoor exercise activities.

Whether you are an off-season athlete who wants to work on conditioning and core stability, a senior who needs to improve balance and flexibility, or a young mother who wants to tone her muscles and lose weight, see us for an exercise program tailored especially for you. And if you are not currently exercising, then we can help you select enjoyable, varied indoor activities geared to your particular condition and fitness needs.