crossfitClick here to view my quick video on how to safely begin a CrossFit Program! 

I recently joined CrossFit located at Gold’s gym in Paramus after feeling my own workout routine was becoming stale and boring. After I signed up, I was carefully guided through a series of movements that make up the core of the program over five one-on-one introductory sessions. My movements were analyzed and corrected by my trainer, Jodi. So far, the training has been going well with a few modifications for my neck, left shoulder, and knee injuries.

I’m looking forward to seeing progress and achieving two goals. My first goal is to have my resting heart rate below 60 beats per minute, and my second is to become a stronger surfer by the summer. As I tell all my patients and friends, I will be a beginner forever and will still love getting out early for a few waves, but hope to suffer a little less.

I love how the CrossFit program provides an intense workout, removes the boredom, and the wide variety of movement patterns that each workout provides, which constantly challenge the body and mind. In adition, you are working out with a group, which reminds we of working out with my old friends from college. There’s a little bit of peer pressure to keep the workout going.

Of course, CrossFit is not a “one size fits all” solution to fitness. You have to understand the pros and cons of this fitness program so you have a seamless path to feeling better and stronger.

If you’ve been considering CrossFit, here are a few tips for you to consider before you begin:

• Get clearance from your physician
• Discuss any past injuries and past problems when working out with your trainer
• Start out slow and with solid form
• Start out light with all the weighted portions of the workout
• Know when to limit your workout because your form is failing or pain is emerging
• Space out workouts to allow recovery, especially if you are “new” to working out or haven’t in a few years
• Remember this workout is for you and not for anyone else. Don’t let that Type A personality lead to injury (I really struggle with this one!)
• Wear proper shoe wear
• Keep hydrated

During the course of starting any new program, sometimes modifications have to be made to ensure you don’t develop any back, neck, shoulder, or knee pain. Don’t let these problems limit your passion for training. We have often helped our patients avoid unnecessary breaks in the training by CrossFit by scheduling a few treatment sessions. We recently developed a Back Pain Report for those who want to try and tackle pain on their own. Please let us know if you’re interested in receiving a free copy of this report, and GOOD LUCK!

** To view my quick video on safely beginning a CrossFit Program, click HERE.

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