Tuckermanstuckermans corniceYES!  I recently went on a ski, hike and snow shoeing vacation to Tuckerman’s Ravine located at Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Prior
to the trip I did a fair amount of preparations to ready my body and my left knee for the demands of climbing and skiing. To
provide a little bit of background. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with a left knee lateral meniscus tear and osteoarthritis of the
patella “kneecap” caused by a series of rugby and skiing injuries over the years. I was told about many surgical options. Many of my patients read an MRI report and
feel that surgery is the only option. My mantra in the clinic is you “can’t treat an MRI”. I was able to enjoy an incredible
trip with proper physical preparation and maintaining a low body weight. I always encourage my patients to allow time for the body
to heal from a variety of orthopedic conditions and explore ways to avoid surgery when possible. Whether is be weight management
or addressing range of motion, strengthening, and/or balance programs. The most important question to ask your
orthopedic surgeon is “Is there any harm on waiting to do surgery?”.

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