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Tag Archives: Running shoes

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Get the Best Running Shoes for the Money

Given the wide range of running shoes on the market, you may wonder whether you need to buy the most current or expensive pair of shoes. A shoe is only as good as the protection it offers the runner. Because the plantar fascia, a thick connective tissue running along the sole of the foot, carries […]

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Does Running Form Affect Rate of Injuries?

A recent article highlighted in the New York Times in the February 8th 2012 edition discussed a study published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise .  It looked at the incidence of injuries  among runners who favor heel striking compared to forefoot striking.  Apparently they indicated a two fold increase in heel […]

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How to Pick a Good Athletic Shoe

Follow this video for easy tips on picking  a good athletic shoe.. When buying an athletic shoe and comparing different ones it is always good to do the three point test that I described in the video. (1)            Make sure the shoe bends at the ball of your foot not the middle of where your […]

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