The statistics on falls for patients over 50 show that for falls that result in hip fractures, 25% result in death after a year! Prevent falls with good balance!

Use the simple and quick Unilateral Stance Test, also known as “balancing on one leg.” Do it alone or try it with friends of the same age and compare results to see how your balance measures up.

The test:

  • Cross your arms over your chest
  • Lift one foot off the ground behind you by bending the knee 90 degrees
  • Stay still and time how long you can hold that position
Standing Balance

Standing Balance Test

Stop the time when you:

  • Uncross your arms
  • Touch the ground with your elevated foot
  •  Move the stationary leg
  • Tilt your trunk 45 degrees or more

Take the best time after three tries.

Test the other leg

If you haven’t reached the target for your age, work to improve your time through a balance program given by a physical therapist or a personal trainer, or develop an exercise program for yourself. A physical therapist’s program which takes into account not just your goal of improving balance but also the results of an over-all general evaluation is the best way to improve balance.

Think of the number of times in life you depend on good balance: getting dressed, especially putting on shoes; getting in and out of the bathtub; carrying anything heavy downstairs; stepping on an uncertain surface (ice or snow, for example); carrying a child or grandchild!  Test yourself at home.


Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation is here for  you in case of a fall, but, more important we can help prevent falls.

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