While summer offers opportunities to walk, jog, bicycle, garden, play sports and get into shape, cold weather brings the temptation to eat more, move less and hibernate indoors. Shorter days, frosty air and holiday parties can threaten the fitness gains you made during the summer.
Instead of fighting the cold and darkness, you can maintain your fitness level, prevent weight gain, reduce stress and avoid exercise boredom by moving your fitness routine indoors. If you hate the cold and the dark or are afraid of falling on wet or icy pavements, stay warm, safe and fit by exercising indoors. There are options for every personality and exercise level. For indoor fitness you can

Join a health club suited to your personal style. Many facilities have short-term or month-to-month memberships and special classes for seniors or beginning exercisers.

• Combine fitness and fun by joining a league for an indoor sport such as bowling or basketball.

• Enroll in a yoga, Pilates, tai chi, aerobics or dance class.

• Swim in an indoor pool. Water exercise is especially good for people with joint problems. If lap swimming is too solitary, try a water aerobics class.

• Walk at the mall. Many malls have early morning walking clubs that provide both companionship and exercise.

• Invest in home exercise equipment such as a treadmill that everyone in the family can use. Stretch your dollars by looking for used equipment, and check with your physical therapist if you have questions about its proper use.

• Exercise at home to a workout tape. Most libraries have a variety of exercise videos. Borrow a few until you find one you like. Then you can purchase it for your own use.

If bad weather keeps you housebound, talk to us about your fitness goals. At Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation we can recommend a excellent personal trainer who can develop a set of exercises you can perform at home without specialized equipment. If you are apprehensive about starting an exercise program.  Feel free to make an appointment with our office for some guidelines on a safe program especially if you have had  injuries in the past.