We will  reduce your spinal and sciatica pain and weakness and increase your mobility,  including specialized spinal manual therapies from the McKenzie Institute. We  will work to remedy your injury with alternative modalities to prevent surgery,  and, if surgery is required, provide rehabilitative physical therapy pre- and  post-surgery for hips, shoulders, knees, foot/ankle, etc.  We will alleviate arthritis symptoms and injuries. We will help you realize your physical potential whether you’re a weekend golfer, a pro athlete or just want to be able to pick up your grandkids again.  We will heal you after an injury and guide you back to your best performance level.

Getting Back in the Game After ACL Surgery

Getting Back in the Game After ACL SurgeryIn 2012, National Football League running back Adrian Peterson returned from an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in his knee to have the best season of his career. His amazing recovery shows how far ACL treatment has progressed over the last decade and gives many athletes hope that they too [more]

Keeping the Fat Out of Your Rotator Cuff

Keeping the Fat Out of Your Rotator CuffFor most of us, the idea of “fighting fat” is nothing new. But fat is not just an enemy of your waistline. It’s an enemy of your muscles, too—especially when you are recovering from rotator cuff surgery. When the rotator cuff tendon is torn, a gap between the tendon and [more]

Raise Testosterone with Exercise

Raise Testosterone with ExerciseLow testosterone in men can cause a host of symptoms, from fatigue and depression to lowered libido and erectile dysfunction. In some cases, however, a man can test positive for low (or “low normal”) levels of testosterone in the blood (also known as “low T”) without experiencing any symptoms. In [more]