We will  reduce your spinal and sciatica pain and weakness and increase your mobility,  including specialized spinal manual therapies from the McKenzie Institute. We  will work to remedy your injury with alternative modalities to prevent surgery,  and, if surgery is required, provide rehabilitative physical therapy pre- and  post-surgery for hips, shoulders, knees, foot/ankle, etc.  We will alleviate arthritis symptoms and injuries. We will help you realize your physical potential whether you’re a weekend golfer, a pro athlete or just want to be able to pick up your grandkids again.  We will heal you after an injury and guide you back to your best performance level.

Get the Skinny on Diets and Exercise

Get the Skinny on Diets and ExerciseDiet and exercise go hand in hand for people who want to lose weight and maintain good health. High-protein diets, such as the Atkins and South Beach Diets, are popular because they generally result in quicker weight loss than do diets featuring more carbohydrates. But is the high fat content [more]

Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic Course in Wyckoff

Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic Course in Wyckoff The Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic (Sports Awareness for Educating Today's Youth ™) is a three-hour program that meets the "Minimum Standards for Volunteer Coaches Safety Orientation and Training Skills Programs" (N.J.A.C. 5:52) and provides partial civil immunity protection to volunteer coaches under the "Little League Law" (2A:62A-6 et. seq.)This clinic will be presented by Tom Willemann, Board Certified [more]

Mending Your Torn Meniscus

Mending Your Torn MeniscusThe menisci are cartilages in the knee that protect the joint from stresses of activity. Pivoting actions that cause the knee to twist pose a risk for meniscus tears. The injury is common among tennis players, but it can also result from deep knee bending, squatting or lifting a heavy [more]