Hip Pain

“How To End Hip Pain And Stiffness Without Painkillers, Risking Surgery Or Having To Wait To See The Doctor”

Do your hips hurt every time you move?

The hips are the main stabilizing force in the body's center that connects the pelvis to the upper and lower body and enables the legs to move, pivot, twist, and turn. The hips, too, allow us to bend forwards and backward and move from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa.

But because they are so important and have so many different functions and movements, the hips can also be susceptible to injury and wear and tear. Plus, when something goes wrong with the hips, it really does go wrong, which becomes debilitating and painful to move.

Pain and problems with the hips can also extend into the lower back and the legs or affect the glute muscles and surrounding structures. You may also feel pain in the hips, but it could be coming from the lower back or because of irritation to the large sciatic nerve that runs from the lower back through the glutes and into the legs. 

Of course, hip pain is more common as we age – due to wear and tear and/or diminishing activity levels. But just because it’s more common doesn’t make it normal. Hip pain isn’t an expected part of getting older that you must endure. We slow down, of course, but there shouldn’t be a pain. Plus, even if wear and tear has begun to bite, we can stop it in its tracks and go some way towards reversing it – before it turns into painful arthritis. But you must come and see us at the first sign of pain or other symptoms.

That’s the bad news, but the good news is that we successfully treat patients with hip pain and stiffness daily at Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation. It's one of the most common pain issues we treat.

“But Why is This Happening to me?”



So what exactly causes hip pain? Well without getting to know you personally it's hard to give an exact answer to this. Hopefully, you haven’t been in pain every day for 6+ months. But many of the patients we see have waited that long, sometimes even longer. Mistakenly believing that everyone gets hip pain – especially above a certain age. But this is a misconception. Your hips and pelvis should move freely without pain or stiffness, regardless of age, and something is wrong if they don’t. You need a physical therapist ASAP before things get even worse.

Have you had hip pain for over 7 days?

If your hip pain has been hanging around for more than a week. You've probably seen a doctor who told you to take anti-inflammatory medication, "take it easy," and come back and see them if the pain doesn't improve. Sadly, for most people, the pain doesn't improve. They waste hours returning back and forward to the doctor’s office only to be given more lousy advice.

Don't sit around waiting for the pain to go away on its own, because it most likely wont. It's extremely common for people to sit around thinking why does my hip hurt?  only to put it off until the pain is excruciatingly bad.

For example, have you heard of hip dysplasia? We can help you, if you think you're experiencing hip dysplasia so don't hesitate to get in contact with us.  

If You’ve Been Putting Up With Hip Pain For A While, Don’t Feel Bad. Many Of Our Patients Tell Us That They:

  • Thought the pain would go away on its own” (it didn’t)
  • Went to their doctor who told them it was probably arthritis."
  • "Thought exercising more would help, but things got even worse."
  • "Saw a specialist who told them that surgery could be an option, but their pain wasn't bad enough yet."
  • "Stayed home to rest, on the doctor's advice, but the pain is still there, and their hip feels even stiffer than before."

Does that sound like you?

If it does, make this the last day you put up with hip pain.

Let us help you.

We invite you to start with a complimentary telephone consultation with one of your hip pain experts to discuss your issues and learn how we can help you. Just click below to request your call. We'll get back to you with the available dates and times.

“What Can I Do to Get Rid of Hip Pain NOW?”...

It will not get better overnight if you've had hip pain and stiffness for a long time. But you can improve your symptoms with the following tips:

  • Make sure you keep your body well hydrated. Everything feels better when you’re not dehydrated – from pain and stiffness to your mood and mobility. Drinking water won’t fix your hip pain, but it’ll most definitely make you more comfortable.
  • 2. Try heat therapy using a heat pad or an ice pack on the part of your hip that hurts. Don't worry too much about which one to use. It's mostly personal preference and the one that makes you feel most comfortable and reduces the pain.
  • Just move this is the Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation mantra. For a good reason, too, because movement gets blood and oxygen flowing around your body to lower inflammation and reduce pain and stiffness. Try not to sit down for more than 20 minutes without getting up to move around and stretch your body.
  • Get expert Physical Therapy By far, the best way to get rid of hip pain quickly is to consult with a physical therapist. We quickly find and treat the source of your back pain and stiffness and teach you how to prevent it from returning.

If you want to find out how the physical therapy team at Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation can help you get rid of hip pain – so it never returns. Then, we urge you to book a free Discovery Visit at our Wyckoff, NJ clinic to start the process.

Note: The Discovery Session is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about physical therapy, unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a Discovery Session so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done - without any financial risk on your part.

So the next question is:

“How Can Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation Help You Get Rid of Hip Pain - In The Next Few Days?”

  • We quickly find the source of your pain and explain precisely what is going inside your body and why – often within 20 minutes.
  • We teach you how to set your life up to prevent hip issues in the future – with daily stretching and strengthening exercises.
  • We examine your posture and fix any issues with your body's alignment and sitting, standing, and walking posture.
  • We help you get to a point where you can start protecting your long-term health by chucking the painkillers in the trash.
  • In almost ALL cases, we keep you OFF the surgeon’s table.
  • But best of all – we help you get your life back, so you start going what you love again without the burden of hip pain.

To find out what it costs and our availability at the clinic in Wyckoff, NJ, just click the link and complete the short form.

“Hear From Happy Patients of The Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation”

Please enjoy watching stories of other people with hip pain just like you who came to see the physical therapy team at Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation - and left much healthier and happier:



60's Ridgewood, NJ

"I was in a pedestrian accident back eight in April and broke my leg. Immediately I liked the vibe of the place. The atmosphere is very welcoming. My goal was to make sure I was going to walk those Sandy beaches in Myrtle beach in August. And I am really happy to say that my vacation was awesome.



40's Teaneck, NJ

"From the moment you walk in the door between Kathy greeting you and Tom's assistance, helping you out and getting everything done, you're home. You're with a family. They're taking care of you. As a mom, it made me feel safe knowing my son was getting the absolute best care in the absolute best way possible."



50'S Wyckoff, NJ

"I've been coming to apex for about a year and a half now. My mobility is pretty much a hundred percent, pain is all gone. The good thing about Tom is he doesn't really rush you through the procedures. e really seems to know what's going on with the joints."