It sure seems that with every Facebook post and every newsfeed update, More and more people seem to be having total joint replacements. Would you agree?

We are seeing as more and more baby boomers age, they are taking avenge of enhancements in modern technology and opting to go with total hip or knee replacements. Further, we are even seeing younger patients making the choice as well when the time comes.

So many people likely will ask: what is a total joint replacement?   Well, seeing as we are a Paramus physical therapy clinic, we have been privileged to work with many patients post surgery to help rehabilitate them after a surgery at this time.

A total joint replacement involves a physician removing any damage joint or removing any arthritic components and replacing them with either a ceramic device, a plastic or a metal replica of a healthy and normal joint.  We here most often about hip or knee replacements but also see plenty of elbow, ankle, shoulder or even wrist surgeries.

Surprisingly, we are seeing more joint replacements in highly active individuals who are experiencing significant increases of osteoarthritis.   We see the 55-year-old triathlete who is dealing with excessive knee pain and their activity levels have diminished to a point where they feel like they are sedentary.   These people opt to go with replacement surgery because they know surgery and rehabilitation can be under 12 weeks.

Further, the materials used to construct a joint are more durable and technologically advanced.   If you are considering surgery, make sure to discuss all aspects of it with your doctor. Here are some things to be aware of as you consider opting in for surgery yourself.

While these surgeries are common, there are always risks for complications or your body rejecting certain materials.  Something to think about if you are younger is if you do you up for a replacement you will likely need a second one later in your life.

If you commit to a total joint replacement and will be needing rehabilitation to help strengthen the muscles tendons and ligaments around the joint, please consider giving us a call. We will provide you with a free session and evaluation.   Call Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation today!