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Does Running Cause Disc Problems?

Does Running Cause Disc Problems?

  Recent Studies Show Running and Exercise May Actually Strengthen the Intervertebral Disc    A recent study looked at the lumbar disc problems,  Intervertebral Discs (IVDs) in people that were runners for greater than five years and also ran more than 50+ kilometers per week (long distance runners). The intervertebral discs act as shock absorbentsContinue Reading »

A FREE MASSAGE … really!

A FREE MASSAGE … really!

It’s no secret that we LOVE referrals at Apex! We often run referral reward programs, and this month’s offer is very exciting … AND a great way for you to unwind and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Check out one of our most recent reviews from stellar patient, Hector: “ I felt pain in my rightContinue Reading »

A Multifaceted Approach to Facet Syndrome

We all experience neck pain at some point in our lives. Are you feeling like you have to turn your entire body sideways because your neck is tight? Are you experiencing any pain  at the base of your head or in your upper back that gets worse sitting at work?   Might you be experiencedContinue Reading »

Lower back pain prevention tips

Nine out of every ten people suffer from lower back pain making it the most common reason to meet the doctor. Back pain may start with a slight discomfort and ache to severe back ache that can cause immobility too. The pain may be triggered due to numerous reasons like a past accidental injury orContinue Reading »

When to be concerned about your lower back pain

Today, lower back pain is a common problem that many people suffer from. Generally, we ignore the pain as it subsides after taking rest for some time. It is usually for the short term and gets better without causing much issue, like immobility or numbness etc. However, if the back pain does not subside evenContinue Reading »

Lower Back Pain Prevention Tips on the Links

Golf is one of America’s all-time favorite sports, but it also can cause injury to the lower back and spine. Before you head out to the golf course, it’s important to note these key areas of prevention: 1. WARM-UP BEFORE PLAYING – Before you start golfing, start off with a thorough warm-up. Try some stretchesContinue Reading »

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