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Tips to prevent shin splints

Among the most common injuries suffered by a new runner is shin splints. It is the pain that is felt on the outer front or on the back inside of lower part of your legs. Shin splints are caused due to tight muscles of the calves and weaker shin muscles. Moreover a bio-mechanical defect andContinue Reading »

Lower Back Pain Prevention Tips on the Links

Golf is one of America’s all-time favorite sports, but it also can cause injury to the lower back and spine. Before you head out to the golf course, it’s important to note these key areas of prevention: 1. WARM-UP BEFORE PLAYING – Before you start golfing, start off with a thorough warm-up. Try some stretchesContinue Reading »

Avoiding "SUMMER BACK"

Avoiding "SUMMER BACK"

While summer certainly has its perks, I often see patients during the warmer months with injuries related to what I like to call “Summer Back.” Common causes include: longer than usual drives, sleeping in a hotel or rental bed that isn’t yours, lifting heavy things like suitcases and beach equipment, or bending and twisting toContinue Reading »