If you have ever played sports for any length of time, been on a construction site or simply roughhousing with your friends, there is always a chance for a shoulder injury.

The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body and is made up of a network of tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones.   It is where your upper arm, which includes your humerus,  connects to your shoulder socket. The shoulders primary foundation is found with your rotator cuff. It’s job is to provide stabilizing and structural support to your body to allow you  to move your arm in a multitude of directions, especially overhead motions.

As we all age, the chance for tearing your rotator cuff will likely increase.   There will be times when surgery is required based on the type of rotator cuff tear that took place. It all depends on the level of injury. A full thickness rotator cuff tear actually stretches all the way down the tendon directly to the bone.   A partial thickness rotator cuff tear is significantly less severe and there is no total separation of the tissue.

Regardless of the type of injury your rotator cuff has experienced, physical therapy is a great choice to help strengthen and heal your rotator cuff and surrounding shoulder area.

Once you have been medically cleared up by orthopedist to have physical therapy commence, you want to commit to a rehabilitation program that will help to strengthen your muscles and tendons and build muscular endurance as well as maximize the range of motion with your shoulder.

If you are located in New Jersey and looking for a Paramus physical therapist, be sure that they provide a well-rounded rehabilitation program that will maximize your ability to gain full control and strength with your shoulder injury.

Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation is a physical therapy center that has been providing restorative care to Paramus and surrounding residents.