Ever see the movie Lethal Weapon?  It’s classic: Martin Riggs, played by Mel Gibson has an altercation with a bad guy and blasts his shoulder out of joint.  Being the tough guy he is, he grunts and slams his shoulder up against the car and, miraculously, puts his should back into the joint.  Not, of course, without a series of loud groaning…That might seem really awesome and something you can do yourself but, the reality is that will not work in a real life situation with a dislocated shoulder.

If you have ever been diagnosed with a shoulder dislocation, the chances are that your orthopedist will recommend physical therapy as part of a proper rehabilitation process.

A good physical therapy regimen is a great way to maintain proper alignment of your shoulder by stabilizing the surrounding muscles and tissues.  All too often the shoulder is so utilized that you always run the risk of dislocating your shoulder again. If this is to happen you might require a surgical procedure to stabilize the shoulder joint.

Surgery involves reattaching any torn tissue whether it is the labrum or other tendons and ligaments. After your surgery, you will be required to wear a sling for up to six weeks to minimize movement and allow the shoulder to heal properly.

You will likely experience pain and discomfort and will eventually start planning for your physical therapy sessions. The first couple sessions will likely be painful as there is likely to be scar tissue that will need to be stretched to allow for maximum mobility in rotation of your shoulder joint in the future.

You will begin with massage and light stretching and will work up to exercises to strengthen your shoulder muscles and increase your range of motion. Your physical therapist will likely have you back to performing at your activities in two to three months time.

Due to the fact that the shoulder is a very complex and utilize joint, it is extremely important that you take your time and work with a good physical therapy clinic that is dedicated to your long-term healing and function. If you are looking for a premise physical therapy clinic that meets these criteria, please consider calling Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation today!