The knee is one of the easiest parts of the body to injure because it is used for many motions the body performs. Common acute injuries are caused by sudden stops and turns during activities such as soccer and tennis. Pain may also occur after exercise, but you may also feel it if you sit for too long. The nagging ache or occasional sharp pain may even cause you to limp and limit your activities. If you have been suffering from such pain and are looking for ways to strengthen your knees, one very effective way to relieve the pain might involve exercises to strengthen your hips.


Two studies performed at Indiana University indicated that a program of hip exercises performed twice a week effectively reduced or eliminated knee pain. And a 2011 study of knee pain in women, conducted at Boston University, determined that such pain was often the result of hip rotation, rather than knee rotation.


The reason for this is not obvious, but it is really pretty simple, nonetheless.


  • Hips and thighs help stabilize the knee joint and keep it secure.


  • Stronger hips may help correct mistakes in running form that can lead to knee pain.


  • Many exercises that strengthen the hips and legs, including inside leg raises, standing leg lifts and foot turns, will also strengthen the knees.


Why do these exercises help to relieve knee pain? Well, strengthening the hips will help improve the mechanics of the entire leg and will reduce the stress on the knee joint. People who suffer from knee pain may experience pain relief sooner with hip exercises than with knee exercises alone, and they may also benefit from greater hip strength, which should not be overlooked.


It is important that we work with you as a team to develop an exercise program. We will assess your situation and develop an exercise program that will help relieve your pain and give you renewed, pain-free function.