Answer:  False, and here’s the explanation:


The initial recommendation was made in 1945 by the Food and Nutrition Board, now the Institute of Medicine.  WOW!  Just under 70 years old, oversimplified, and still quoted over and over!

Most people who read this study did not read the details . The recommendation


·         is based on an average caloric intake of 1900 calories per day. 


·         notes that there are many sources of water in a normal day’s intake, for example coffee, soda, vegetables and liquid or near liquid foods (note: these DO NOT include most salty snacks).


·         Water may be the most effective way to hydrate but it is not the only way. 


Another factor to consider before drinking 8 cups per day is the common sense observation:


·         6’4″ male who works in construction and trains for triathlons does not have the same hydration needs as a 5’1″ female office worker who enjoys cooking and is relatively sedentary.


As with all information found on the web one should always question the source and realize that general recommendations are all based on statistical averages. Only a health practitioner who has conducted an individual evaluation can determine what your fluid intake should be.


The current recommendation of the Institute of Medicine is that, from all sources combined,


·         The average female requires 2.2 liters (a little over 9 cups (1C=8 oz)) per day


·         The average man requires about 3 liters (a little over 12 cups (1C=8 oz)) per day

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