We all like we have had friends or family members have a knee or hip replacement at some point in the past. These are very common procedures. We are now starting to see orthopedists performing more ankle replacements then ever before.

A total ankle arthroplasty (TAA) is completed to effectively treat ankle arthritis that might have developed as a result of normal wear and tear or, simply the aging process.   Or, it could have been performed as a result of an injury much like a dislocation or a broken ankle. Not doing this procedure could lead to extensive pain, deformity of the ankle joint or a reduction in the cartilage around the ankle.

If you are someone who is experiencing some level of ankle pain that might be limiting your ability to walk or function as normal, you might be someone who should consider a total ankle arthroplasty. Before you do this, you want to be sure to use any anti-inflammatory medications, wear a brace as prescribed by your doctor or having gone through physical therapy sessions designed to help strengthen the muscles around the ankle joint.

Performing this procedure is designed to help protect all the joints around your ankle and protect it from anywhere or changes as a result of arthritis.

This procedure is an inpatient service that will likely require you to stay overnight at the hospital or facility. You will likely go under general anesthesia and have your ankle replaced with metal and high-density plastic components.

After weeks of healing, anti-inflammatory medications and adequate rest, your doctor will likely prescribe you to take physical therapy sessions designed to strengthen the ankle joint and the muscles around it.

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