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Does the Right Footwear Prevent Injuries?

Because your feet are subjected to nearly a million pounds of pressure during an hour of strenuous exercise, proper footwear is important to cushion these loads. For this reason, shoe companies and medical professionals have recommended wearing specific types of footwear to prevent injuries. It would be nice if the right shoe could really protectContinue Reading »

Treating a Sports Hernia

Athletic pubalgia is the technical term for the severe groin pain often called a sports hernia—although unlike a true hernia, no abdominal-cavity organs protrude where they should not. Because the cause of the pain is often missed or misidentified, an accurate diagnosis of athletic pubalgia is the first step in treating the condition and oftenContinue Reading »

That Groin Pain May Be Your Hip

Both male and female competitive athletes often develop an unexplained pain in the groin. This pain occurs most often when the athlete pivots or twists and can be intense enough to end a career. Recent research suggests that this groin pain may actually arise from damage to the hip joint. The hip is a ballContinue Reading »

Add Strength Training to Your Stretching

Let’s face it: Stretching feels good. It is relaxing, and getting all the kinks out of scrunched-up muscles can be liberating. Unfortunately, improving your flexibility through a stretching class is simply not enough, either as a therapeutic approach, or to protect your body from future damage. Strength training is a necessary companion to your stretchingContinue Reading »

Recovery from Kneecap Dislocation

Dislocation of the kneecap, or patella, is especially common among young women 16 to 20 years of age who participate in sports such as soccer, gymnastics and ice hockey. When it occurs, the kneecap slides out of its groove, usually laterally, resulting in pain, swelling and decreased mobility. Patellar dislocation can result from a directContinue Reading »

Up and Running After a Total Hip Replacement

While many surgeons say no to resuming a running program after a total hip replacement, others say you can do so depending on the bone quality and the prosthetic materials used to replace the worn hip joint. In surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone are removed and replaced with metal, plastic or ceramic joint surfaces.Continue Reading »

Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation Food Drive

With the ongoing food shortages Apex Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Wyckoff, NJ is having a having a food drive for the month of October with all donations going to the Center for Food Action.   Please call us at (201) 251-2422 for more details. Founded in 1976, the Center for Food Action in New Jersey (CFA) hasContinue Reading »