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Clinical Pedorthotist Recommendation in Ridgewood, NJ

Recently I met with Sam McKinnon, a Clinical Pedorthotist, from Active Footwear Center in Ridgewood, NJ close to my clinic in Paramus, NJ.  Sam is specializes in fabricating, designing, modifying shoes and orthotics often to help with painful lower extremity conditions.  He provides a thorough examination to ensure that his clients receive the most appropriateContinue Reading »

Hamstring Injuries in Soccer Players

A recent Danish study that is about to be published supports the use of Nordic Lowers in decreasing the incidence of hamstring injuries. This type of strengthening emphasizes the eccentric phase of a muscular contraction which is the “lengthening of the muscle fiber”.  It is during that this lengthening phase that most injuries occur.  Continue Reading »

Great Referral for a Hip Arthroscopy

I recently spent a morning meeting and observing the staff at Dr. Bryan Kelly’s office at Hospital for Special Surgery as part of the Center for Hip Pain and Preservation.  He performs several types of hip arthroscopic surgeries that attempt to preserve the existing hip structures in an effort to delay the need for hipContinue Reading »

Overuse Injuries in Youth Sports

I just read an article in the New York Times from April 5, 2011 citing guidelines on signs and symptoms of young athletes developing overuse injuries. The information can be found on www.journalof by using search terms “pediatric overuse injuries”. It lists the signs of overuse injuries in youths.  With the year round commitmentsContinue Reading »

Lecture on Understanding Low Back Pain

As part of the APEX ORTHOPEDIC REHABILITATION HEALTH SERIES we are sending out a reminder about our next talk titled UNDERSTANDING LOW BACK PAIN.  This is a great opportunity to learn about Low Back Pain in a relaxed forum followed by an informal question and answer period.  Learn about Low Back Pain in both preventionContinue Reading »

Bracing Yourself Against Arthritic Knee Pain

Bracing Yourself Against Arthritic Knee Pain

  Here’s the catch-22 of physical therapy: Reducing pain requires physical work, but physical work can cause pain that makes it extremely difficult to do that work. Patients with arthritis of the knee joint often find that using a brace allows them to perform strengthening exercises more easily. But some people wrongly believe that aContinue Reading »

Physical Therapy: An Alternative to Back Surgery

Physical Therapy: An Alternative to Back Surgery

It may seem counterintuitive for a surgeon to recommend physical therapy instead of back surgery, but lumbar fusion is not appropriate for everyone. Many people suffering from back pain can benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapy can strengthen the back and move the protruding disk away from the affected nerve. Pain management procedures may relieveContinue Reading »

Batter Up! Prep Your Child for Baseball Season

Batter Up! Prep Your Child for Baseball Season

  After a winter of inactivity often occasioned by bad weather, the one- to two-month period before baseball season begins is a great time to get your child in better physical shape. Start with stretching, aerobic exercise and strength-training at least two or three days a week, working up to five days by the timeContinue Reading »

Strengthening the Rotator Cuff After Fatty Infiltration

Strengthening the Rotator Cuff After Fatty Infiltration

When rotator cuff surgery is needed, the surgeon has to take into consideration whether or not fatty infiltration has occurred. Ideally, the surgeon can perform the surgery at an early enough stage—before fatty infiltration becomes an issue. What is fatty infiltration? Sometimes, when the rotator cuff tendons have significantly pulled away from the bone whereContinue Reading »

Low Back Pain and Bed Rest

Be careful about too much bed rest. Multiple studies show more than 2-3 days of bed rest for patients who have low back pain actually  demonstrate a greater loss of range of motion and are weaker than patients who remained active as soon as possible without increasing their symptoms. Other studies demonstrate pain levels ofContinue Reading »