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Fractures Risk Side Effect of Proton Pump Inhibitors

The FDA reviewed several studies regarding a link between the use of  Proton Pump Inhibitors(PPI) and increased risk of fractures.  Major points in review of studies: Use of PPIs for more than one year or at high doses patients pose risk of fractures Higher number of spinal fractures and not a significant change in hip fracturesContinue Reading »

Bracing for a New Arthritis Treatment

Bracing for a New Arthritis Treatment

Knee pain from osteoarthritis is no walk in the park. In fact, the pain probably keeps you from walks in the park. Could wearing a knee brace help you overcome this discomfort? Often, arthritis affects only one compartment of the knee. This can result in your lower leg angling awkwardly and appearing “bow legged” (varus)Continue Reading »

Blood Clots and Surgery

An article came out this past December on the  British Medical Journal website.  It talked about blood clots following surgery.  Contrary to common accepted practices by physicians they are seeing “blood clots” or “DVTs”  occurring much longer after surgery than originally thought.  After many orthopedic surgeries patients are taking medications to reduce the chance of bloodContinue Reading »

Safe Exercise for Patients with Diabetes

Safe Exercise for Patients with Diabetes

  Exercise is as important for those with diabetes as it is for anyone else. The goal of most exercise regimens should be to work out at a moderate intensity for 30 minutes at least five days a week.  Patients with diabetes, however, need to take several exercise-related precautions: • If you already have problems withContinue Reading »

What is Sport Psychology?

Greg Chertok, AASP – CC Director, Sport & Exercise Psychology The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center Englewood, NJ 07631 The field of Sport Psychology, albeit young, is one that has gained increasing popularity since the 1980s. Now, if you were to hear the term ‘psychology’ – even in the context of athletics – and instinctuallyContinue Reading »

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